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Discover how real Golden Gate Realtors are making money online in
San Fransisco w ithout needing to spend thousands of dollars on advertising, media buys, or expensive marketing solutions.

Discover how using personalized web sites can help you build relationships with you prospects, provide immediate and personal follow up straight to people’s inboxs, and make MORE sales while working less.

This WordPress plugin makes it VERY easy to create better relationships with people on your list, near-”force” them to read your sales pages, and watch as your profits go UP!

WP Get Personal is a plugin that merges with your mailing list to deliver PERSONALIZED websites to people.

I’ve used it before on a niche site and people absolutely LOVE it.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: You upload the plugin
Step 2: You go to your autoresponder service and list name
Step 3: You send an email out to your list…
Step 4: People get personalized links that look like this:

Then, when they click over, it looks like you made a website just for them!