Features & Benefits

Greet users by their name in standard WordPress pages

Your readers see their name in the URL and inside the page – as many times as you like. It looks like you’ve created the page just for them! Great for sales letters!

Personalize all your posts (New!)

Give your blog readers that warm fuzzy feeling by using their name inside your posts.

Homepage personalization (New!)

Start the personalization right from the homepage!

Easy to use shortcode

You can insert the name anywhere you want inside the page using a simple short code. You can even reuse it as many times as you want.

Specify a fallback

When the name is not available you can specify a default word to use in its place (e.g. “Subscriber” or “Friend”).

“Remember” the personalization for future visits (New!)

The plugin will display their name even after the visitor closes their browser. They don’t even have to use their special URL becuase the 30 day cookie will make sure that the shortcode displays their name – even weeks later.

“Remember” logged in users forever (New!)

If users log in (for example, if they sign up for a membership site), WP Get Personal will store the cookie data inside the user profile meta data, effectively making the personalization permanent.

Multiple fields (New!)

You’re not limited to the user’s name. You can also send the surname, company name, email address… anything you like. You can display each field separately of course.

Look up data (New!)

If you have a CSV file with all the data you want to display on the page WP Get Personal can look up the data in the file so you don’t have to pass it all in the URL. Just pass the unique ID in the URL and WP Get Personal will do the rest!

Keep The personalization going across different websites and domains

You can even keep the personalization going even across multiple website just by adding the shortcode to the end of any URL (the target page must be using WP Get Personal of course). This is great for linking together sites in the same niche.

A great sales tool for affiliates

This is a really easy way to add even more value for your affiliate. They don’t have to install anything and it even works with Clickbank hoplinks.

Works with all email marketing systems/autoresponders

AWeber, Get Response, Campaign Monitor, MailChimp, iContact… If you use a different autoresponder, just ask us – we’ll check it for you.

Turn it off when you’re not using it!

Turn a personalised page into a standard page any time you want – at the end of a promotion for example.


One-click automatic updates make sure you always have the lastest version.

Clean uninstall

If you choose to unistall WP Get Personal it will optionally remove all its data leaving your system completely clean so you don’t have to worry about your databasing bloating with unused settings.