This is simply genius.Likewise I am big into Psych, NLP, online rapport building, etc. Hence, last year I spent ages and a fortune coding up a few of my sites to do something similar to this but this plugin negates all that. My own results showed a noticeable increase (at least an extra 5-10% conversions) when I started to use this technique on my sites and sales letters….Great work and at this price it’s a steal!
AJ Silvers


Wow –This is ingenious! I stopped reading the salespage once I saw the personalization this plugin offers. That was enough for me. All you needed to do was show me the “link” and how it adds my subscribers name and like lighting I checked out.



This plugin is incredible, I have been to pages like this before but I never how to do this myself…Until now! I am jumping all over this one. Thanks for such a fantastic deal

Bob Harmon


YOU ROCK!I have been attempting to get a programmer to create something like this for months.. but .. non seemed to understand! this is PERFECT and i can not wait to start using the plug In with my list!



Wow, this product is great. To be able to send someone to a link with their name in it is a definite plus. I’m creating pages with videos embedded in them so the prospect will think I went a lot of trouble to create the page just for them. In a way, I did but having in automated is super.

Glennette Goodbread, http://www.premiumwebdesign.com/



Thank you so much for a brilliant WordPress plug-in,

Having a sequential autoresponder allows me to personalize my messages to my subscribers so I can convey to each individual how I value them and being able to extend that onto my website as well is truly outstanding.

You’ve done a superb job creating this plug-in and for opt-in list owners this is definitely a must have tool.

David, Plugin Marketing


What a great idea, it’s the little things that make the difference!
Graham Hammett


Thanks for a great plugin
Gary Skinner, Talking Riches Forum