WP Get Personal V1.1 beta

Hi Friend,

The new version of WP Get Personal is ready and you’re the first to get it! We’ve taken on board all your fantastic ideas and we’ve managed to include the following features in this version:

  • Support for both posts and pages
  • Support for the “get personal” page as homepage
  • A 30 day cookie will remember the contact details
  • For logged in users the shortcode value is stored in the user meta data, effectively making it permanent (e.g. for membership sites)
  • Multiple sections (e.g. first name, surname, company name, friend’s name)
  • Shortcode renders in page title (and therefore also in menu items!)
  • better compatibility with other plugins & themes
  • better performance for bigger sites
  • better security
  • uninstall deletes WP Get Personal settings

Installation and configuration

  1. Please delete the previous version before you install the new version.
  2. Download wpgetpersonal_v1.1beta.zip, extract the zip and install the plugin
  3. Edit the pages/posts that you would like to activate WP Get Personal
  4. Check the box “Activate virtual urls” in the WP Get Personal box (below the Publish box)
  5. Use the shortcode Friend where you’d like the contact name to appear

For your reference the original “step-by-step” instructions for v1.0 are here:

If you would like to display multiple parameters (e.g. first name, surname, company name, friend’s name), you need to separate them in the url with a hyphen. e.g.


Use the section parameter of the shortcode to display the different sections. e.g.

[wpgetpersonal section=”2″] on a url https://wpgetpersonal.com/secret/steve-henty will display henty.

On a more technical note, if you need to pass the contact details via a REQUEST parameter you can use wpgp. So, for AWeber for example, to enable click tracking you’d need to use:

A Special Page… Just For You!

If you have any questions or run into any trouble, or if you have any feature requests please don’t hestitate to get in touch via the support form.